The Czech and Speake bathing collection will provide every customer with an indulgent yet refreshing bathing experience.
Our sensual bath oils moisturise and calm the skin. Their unique blend of luxurious herbal and essential oils rejuvenate the texture of skin, giving our customers an entirely relaxing bathing experience. The body wash revitalises and hydrates, refreshing both body and mind for the oncoming day. Our charming hand-milled soaps are manufactured using the same method as the soap masters in the eighteenth century. These refined soaps cleanse with a delightfully creamy lather, made with a super-fatting cream and Vitamin E, creating a rich substitute for the sebum of the skin. This gentle formula then washes away leaving skin is soft, healthy and hydrated.
All of our opulent bathing products provide bright and distinctive aromas that delicately fragrance the skin throughout the day, leaving our customers with an unforgettable bathing experience